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The Best Business Coaching Program

So several weeks ago, I approached my team and I informed them that I'm going to be taking my signature 90 day business coaching program with a bright idea and I'm going to make it available to everybody in twenty, twenty one for an entire year.

Here's the kicker, but for the same price as our 90 day business coaching program.

Now, of course, my team was like, you're doing what ? You already have clients in your 90 day business coaching program and they already get results.

You got testimonies, things are happening for them. Why are you actually doing this for a year for the same price as a 90 day business coaching program ? For me, not just as a business owner or coach, but as an individual who understands how hard it is to really start structure and scale a successful business.

I wanted to make my professional business coaching program available to people like you that may have never had an opportunity to experience what true professional business coaching is all about.

Listen, I'm not just a business coach and a consultant, but I am a business coach and consultant consumer meaning that I'm on business coaching and consulting programs myself. I have some of the greatest people in my life that I actually pay to help me continue to scale my organizational enterprise. And I know what type of impact it's had on me personally. I know what type of impact it's had on me professionally, not to their surprise.

It wasn't to my surprise, but to their surprise, once I launched this one year business coaching program, we exceeded our initial goal probably by two to three times. And so today I want to make it available to you. Perhaps you're at a place in your life personally. You might be at a place in your life financially or even professionally, where you just can't quite figure out what are the roadblocks, what are the hindrances, what are the things that you might not be able to see as blind spots that are keeping you from properly scaling your business, your income streams, or even your wealth building dreams.

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